This Is Technology Mixed With A Band

“This is my voice / My weapon of choice,” a voice comes growling out from above six seconds into “This Is Life,” a new song from Grace Jones’ upcoming album, Hurricane, proving that while nineteen years has passed, nothing has really changed. The tribal, organic beats that spotted much of her back catalogue are still much in tact and pulsating in their rhythmic, island-like format, while Jones sounds as raw and vindictive as ever. Don’t make any assumptions, though–Even if the technique seems familiar, the sound is completely fresh. Bouncing between reggaeton and atmospheric electronica, the song sounds something like an M.I.A. song in production by Sting. As addictive as the enveloping beats become as the song blossoms, the message pounded in between the beats remain the same: Grace Jones is here to stay.

Vroom Vroom

Vroom Vroom

I know this isn’t exactly “my type” of music so to speak, but

Don’t Lie To Me

Don’t Lie To Me

It’s absolutely amazing to see how much Namie Amuro continues to grow as

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