A few weeks ago, goth-pop princess (and soon-to-be savior of pop in 2013) Charli XCX released the Super Ultra mixtape, a collection of moody, atmospheric tracks colored with hip-hop and ’80’s electro-pop influences. It’s real good, and real free.

Today, the LDN songstress released the Ryan Andrews-directed clip for “Cloud Aura,” the trippy, J£ZUS MILLION-produced lead track from the mixtape (which, on a slight side note, seriously reminds me of Fagottron‘s ridiculously amazing Disney re-fixes.) The song features some spitfire verses from e-rapper/stripper Brooke Candy, who also appears in the video (and who you might already recognize from Grimesinsane “Genesis” video.)

The grainy cut ‘n’ splice clip is essentially a Tumblr spree of all things pop culture–from Godney‘s Matt Lauer interview, to Lauren Conrad‘s mascara-stained tears on The Hills, to Honey Boo Boo, Carrie, Zooey Deschanel, Grace Jones–all snuck in between Charli and Brooke wreaking some sort of havoc on the streets.

“It’s the internet meets LA, meets London. All the places my mind lives in and all the place I want to be,” she explained to Dazed Digital.

Brit Brit interviews, Hollywood horror and reality TV trash all set to a sick beat? Feels like home to me.

The “You’re The One” EP was released in June. (iTunes)