Daily B: New Britney Reportedly On A Mission

While literally every producer on planet Earth claims to be working with Britney Spears on her sixth major album, she’s decided to slip away to the Philippines Mexico to relax and get away from it all. Even Jesus Christ himself has been quoted as “shopping around” a couple tracks with Queen B, referring to them as, “bumpin’ tracks–serious booty grinders straight from above.” No word on if she’s taken a listen to those yet.

Plus, The press has been unseasonably kind to my favorite lady, most likely because she now looks like this:

Additionally, two titles have surfaced on songwriter Fernando Garibay‘s official site as possible songs for the new album: “Quicksand” and “Amnesia.” Yes, yes…They sound tittilating. Don’t get all giddy about ’em though–remember “Sacred” and “Hollow”? Yep, still waiting on those to surface. And even the songs with the best, most uptempo sounding names (“Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On”) can have the most disappointing, slow-jam results (“Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On”). It’s all a game of chance here.

By the by, whether you’re a diehard like me or simply tired of scouring the web for more porn to add to that lofty collection you’ve got building on your external hard drive, you should really stop over to UnreleasedBritneySpears, an awesomely extensive collection of information regarding all of the unreleased tracks and collaborations Britney has been involved with. It’s really comprehensive, and a fan’s wet dream. So dream, dream away!

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