Report To The Dancefloor

With each leak, my opinion grows more solid: Michelle Williams‘ latest album might be the summer’s truly delightful surprise. It’s not innovative music, no…but it is a return to the broken beats and riffing excellence that made Destiny’s Child so widely appealing in the first place. Of the two newest songs, first up is “Private Party,” which implements some strictly nineties club pipe-synths, as well as a dirty electro rip that slaps the bass just right. A little Danity Kaneish attitude involved as well, actually.

“Hungover” too provide the tripped, stuttered beats that seem to line the album’s contents. The sexy stomper, which isn’t at all dissimilar from a certain bandmate’s hit single, “Crazy In Love,” is another up-tempo dizzying mover. Almost the entire album has leaked at this point, and looking over its contents it full, Unexpected may just be a force to be reckoned with. Don’t make your way back to gospel so soon, darling…pop still craves you yet.

Sticky Note This

Sticky Note This

It’s a super smash of the electroclash: Enter Russell Lissack of Bloc

Googling GaGa

Googling GaGa

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