Googling GaGa

Welcome back to the real world, bloggers and blogettes. I hope your weekend was full of delicious new music and exciting, unparalleled adventure…I know mine was! If you’re anything like me, last night you tuned into the rerun of Camp Rock on the Disney Channel featuring the Brothers of Jonas, only to find the hot one, Joe, prancing along merrily with some big-banged bimbo. It was a shit show to the very end. The screams of forty million girls could be heard at the same time the moment Joe Blow & Bimbo stared Disney-longingly into each other’s eyes at the finale, quickly becoming one of the cruelest endings aired on television since The Sopranos sign-off.

Okay, so maybe you didn’t watch. In that case, you were probably tuned into Miss Universe 2008, with a special performance by the latest electro-pop sensation, Lady GaGa, only to find her prancing along merrily with some big-boobed bimbos. Though the song is broken off into halves so that the raging beauties can strut their stuff down the runway (note the jiggling for some, not for others), GaGa does a decent job at keeping it together for a high profile event. Click above to watch!

Report To The Dancefloor

Report To The Dancefloor

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