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Arjan of ArjanWrites has got a fantastic fan-question interview going on with Róisín Murphy at the moment. Among the many exciting new tidbits (a new album recording appears to be in the works), Murphy dished on the single release for “Movie Star”:

Arjan: The first question I received from reader Keane was: “What is going on with the “Movie Star” single?”
Róisín: We have changed the roll out of the track a little bit. We decided that we are going to do a double A-side in September or October, I am not sure yet. It will be “Movie Star” with “Slave To Love,” which is a cover I recorded of Bryan Ferry‘s song. It is being used for a global Gucci advertising campaign, so we decided to hold the fire and wait with the release of the single untill the campaign started. I plan to do another video for “Movie Star” as well.

And since I’m a consumerist label whore fashion enthusiast, I happened to know that Gucci was rolling out its newest male cologne, the masculine counterpart to Gucci by Gucci later this year.

I mean fine, if you must know, I thought Gucci by Gucci was for men initially and tried to purchase it for myself before the saleswoman asked if the perfume was for my girlfriend. I then created a diversion, threw on a sassy blonde bob, and perked up my voice a little before swiping the goods. It was a close one to say the least.

Anyway, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme is being released in September, accompanied by a TV spot starring James Franco. The campaign will feature Róisín’s version, so watch for it! And make sure to check back to Arjan’s place for the second half of the interview!

Shoot baby, shoot baby

Shoot baby, shoot baby

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Time Keeps Running Away

Ever since Taio Cruz offhandedly mentioned Anastacia on the tail end of his

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