MuuMuse Excluusive: Preview Garçon Garçon’s “Hollywood Song (feat. Cazwell)” Off Upcoming EP

Photo credits: Elvis Di Fazio, Marco Ovando

After charming our pants off with heartbreaking New Wave synth-pop demos like “Maybe Tonight” and “Take Me Out” back in December of 2010, followed by the delightfully camp video for “Stay In Touch” last October, the Aussie-bred electro-pop duo known as Garçon Garçon are finally unleashing their debut EP on February 14, entitled–well EP.

To preview the collection, the boys have been premiering snippets all across the blogosphere, including “Save Our Souls” at It’s The Money Shot, “Maybe Tonight” at Electroqueer and “Take Me Out” at ArjanWrites. Now, MuuMuse is proud to give an Excluusive taste of their upcoming collaboration with Cazwell: “Hollywood Song.”

From Garçon Garçon’s vocalist, Nathan:

We came up with the chorus for this song very quickly when we started working together and tried so many different versions, but it sat on the shelf for quite a while. Nothing seemed to gel. Then one day Nick played this really cool, simple bassline and we both looked at each other and knew we had it. I went on a holiday to L.A and came back and wrote the lyrics for it straight away. I was really inspired by the nightlife, amazing people and just the energy in the city. This song is all about going out and just having an amazing time and not wanting the party to end.

Filled with bouncy ’80’s-encrusted beats, “Hollywood Song” finds the boys briefly steering away from their more melancholy tunes and diving in for a night on the town: “Basically, one day I was playing around with a basic synth riff and rhythm, and I could hear my sister scream ‘wooooh’ from the other room and clap her hands,” adds Nick. “I kinda knew we were on the right track. Ha!”

Nick describes “Hollywood Song” as a reaction to penning one too many “vanilla songs” for the upcoming EP:

After all, the EP is largely centered around our lives as teenagers, growing up in the 80s and 90s. From what I can remember, I was a pretty arsehole kid! We really wanted to inject some of that ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude into the EP, and I think this definitely follows through onto the cover art which turned out hilariously perfect.

To give the track a little extra mmm papi, the boys enlisted sexy NYC rapper Cazwell to lay down one of his signature sizzlin’ verses for the track: “We really wanted to collaborate with someone on this track and had been fans of Cazwell for a long time so we called him up and showed him the track and asked him to rap on it,” explained Nathan. “Luckily for us, he agreed so we sent it over and he nailed it! His rap is perfect for track and really adds something to it. We wanted this to be a fun summer song and I think we got that.”

Naturally, the rude boy MC delivered with his signature sass: “My pink tuxedo’s on, bring your leopard thong/Smokin’ that Cheech & Chong in the back of a Chevrolet/Glass up/Picking up hookers, face down, ass up,” he demands.

From Cazwell:

The Garçon Garçon boys are A LOT of fun. I got to party with them when I was in Sydney for Mardi Gras. I love their new wave disco sound! I loved “Hollywood Song” as soon as I heard it and knew I wanted to rap on it.

Below, take a first listen to “Hollywood Song (feat. Cazwell),” which will be released on EP on February 14.

EP will be released on February 14. (Official Website)

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