So You Think You Can GaGa?

Last night, Lady GaGa stormed the stage once more to perform “Just Dance” on So You Think You Can Dance. I suppose that sort of makes sense, really.

As you may notice, GaGa has opted for the latest in technologic-electronic eyewear. So jealous. I wish my glasses projected social commentary! You’ll note here that not only is she mastering those jittery jigs, but she is singing at the same time. Quite good, and all the more impressive!

She also did an interview with HX Magazine, where she discussed Brit Brit, taking E with homosexuals, and enjoying male bits and lady bits equally. Truly though, it’s a wonderful interview. As it comes across here, GaGa’s self-aware and well spoken.

Still my “it” girl of 2008, I’d say. Suck it hard, Perry!

We’ve Come To Kick Your Ass.

We’ve Come To Kick Your Ass.


Daily B: Giddy Giddy GaGa

Daily B: Giddy Giddy GaGa

Riding off of the last GaGa post, a little update on the Britters situation

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