Move over, Whitney. Piss off, Beyonce. There’s a new A-list release coming our way this winter, and it’s of the faux bi-sexual persuasion. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, it’s the first full length release from Tila Tequila, everyone’s favorite milk-tittied money maker. So far, each one of her song releases have been guilt-liciously fantastic, and her latest leaked song may be one of the best yet. “Hideaway,” a thumpy, glitchy uptempo plea to flee is a brief moment of breezy, addictive pop fun. It’s a song that could have been conducted from the likes of anyone Disney, from Ashley Tisdale to Hilary Duff, so who would know that the lyrics actually feel from the filthy mouth behind “I Like To Fuck”*?

*Note: Brilliant song, but filthy nonetheless.