I feel like I’m repeating myself with these Grace posts, but it bears repeating. Here is the full, high quality version of “Corporate Cannibal,” the lead off single from Grace Jones‘s return album, Hurricane.

The song proves to be six minutes in length, though it could go on for ages and I’d still be left craving more. It’s deliciously evil, a rhyming inferno of taunting terror aimed directly at the general population. The sound quality has improved as well, so now all of the mechanical beckoning can be heard in full. Watch out for the ending though–might not want to put your finger too close to the screen.

P.S. Did anyone else hear the name drop for “Slave to the Rhythm”? Hint: 3:20 in.

Movie Star…Take TWO.

Movie Star…Take TWO.

Róisín‘s decided to get all uncensored and whatnot with “Movie

Take A Shot

Take A Shot

Move over, Whitney

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