Indistinguishable Dolls


What I’ve been told is that this the new Pussycat Dolls album cover for their upcoming album, Doll Domination, but my eyes are simply telling me otherwise.

In order of appearance on the sleeve, is this or is this not: Sarah Harding, Dannii Minogue, Tila Tequila, Kimberley Walsh, and Carrie Underwood?! And look, Dannii even stole Kylie‘s body. She’s always been so impossibly jealous.

…That would make for a killer girl group, now that I think of it. Nevertheless, there is no trace of Pussycat Doll ‘flava’ happening on this sleeve! Except for the logo. Have the airbrushers no mercy anymore?

Daily B: The Laugh Is Back

Daily B: The Laugh Is Back

Britney‘s official Video Music Awards promos are now making the rounds!

Minogues Keep It Swede.

Minogues Keep It Swede.

Start memorizing it if you haven’t already

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