Hey! Remember when Say Lou Lou premiered that incredibly enchanting new single “Everything We Touch” last month?

Well, it’s got an accompanying video now — and it’s pure gold. (Duh.)

Everything the twin Swedish-Aussie sisters touch turns to gold at night, which apparently means they love to touch their bodehs like Mariah, because y’all, they’re completely covered in the shimmery stuff — from their heads down to their Say Ooh Oohs.

There isn’t much by way of plot here — it’s really just a dreamy, surreal visual to match the stunning song — but hey, at least it’ll tide us over a bit until the official June 2 release date. (Hey UK, let’s start putting songs up for sale the moment they premiere online rather than 3 months later, yeah? It’s 2014.)

Stay gold, Slay Lou Lou.

“Everything We Touch” will be released on June 2. (iTunes)