Kylie: Love Me, Lovely

Ask and ye shall receive…Here we are with Kylie Minogue‘s promotional video for the best song off of X, it’s “The One.” Though not releasing “The One” as a proper chartable single (shenanigans!), Kylie’s camp has nevertheless decided to provide a clip on the house. Sadly, this is the Freemasons mix of the song. Whoever thought this version was better than the album version was sorely mistaken.

There’s nothing too mind blowing here (a bit nauseating, actually), but the overall look and feel of the video matches the moody, tranced-out throbbing of its accompanying tune. The concept? Kylie’s stuck in a kaleidoscope with her ever-present male dancers and, as a result, has been reduced to talking to herself in a mirror. It’s Viva Las Vegas-tastic, and wouldn’t have been all that out of the place as a backing video to the Showgirl Tour. Loads of neon glow and glamorous voguing. As I am so deeply in love (me, love me) with the song, I can look past the slightly generic quality of this video and simply say, “Thank you.”

Daily B: Part Deux

Daily B: Part Deux

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So What? No, Really…

So What? No, Really…

I just cannot get excited about this

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