What’s black and white and red all over? Why, the album cover for Natalia Kills‘ debut album Perfectionist, of course!

After nearly a year and a half since the premiere of her buzz single “Zombie” back in December ’09, Kills is finally unveiling her highly anticipated debut album, due out in Germany on April 1 (with international release dates to follow).

Above is the newly released artwork for Perfectionist, courtesy of Cherrytree Records. Stunning, isn’t it? Chic, sharp, noir…it’s 110% Kills!

Along with the unveiling of the album’s cover art, Amazon.de has uploaded 30-second sample clips of each track from the album.

Of all of the new numbers, “Nothing Lasts Forever” is a particular MuuMuse favorite so far, which sounds a bit like a Ke$ha track that’s been dragged deep into the darkness. Sounds like a synth-pop blood bath to me!

Perfectionist will be released on April 1. (iTunes)