Daily B: Coming To You Live

As if the single and album news wasn’t enough to render me into a babbling puddle of fandom and goo, the official Britney site updated with this little message:

OMG. So, do you want the good news or the great news first? Good news is that BRITannica’s back, bitches. Sorry for being MIA, but I still love you. GREAT news is that the album rumors are true!!! Brit will be releasing her sixth studio album, Circus, on her 27th birthday, Dec. 2. And the best part?? First single off the record hits NEXT WEEK on Sept. 22! The track is called “Womanizer,” and I freakin’ loves it. The album features collabs with Dr. Luke, Bloodshy & Avant, Danja and more. I’m hyperventilating… SO EXCITED!!! This is Britney’s year, bitches! The icing on the cake would be an official tour annoucement, and I’ll bet you my signed copy of …Baby One More Time that it happens. So tell me, what do YOU think “Womanizer” might be about? I got a thousand guesses…

Mindbogglingly obnoxious webmaster posts aside, do you see what just happened there readers? A tour is now essentially imminent.

Too much to handle right now. Too. Much. Bring on the Circus already!

Daily B: Come One, Come All

Daily B: Come One, Come All

The press release from Jive themselves: Britney Spears has arranged a wonderful

Sip Of Catnip

Sip Of Catnip

Top o’ the mornin’, blogetteers!

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