Sip Of Catnip

Top o’ the mornin’, blogetteers! Here we have MEG with her latest pico-poppified single, “Precious,” released today. Trust me–You’ll want to see this.

As you may have well noted, the video features several high profile celebrities in a rather short time span…Completely unexpected, as far as I’m concerned. Since the scenes were a bit short, I’ve gone ahead and isolated a few snapshots of the most prominent stars including:

Mr. Scratchyposts McFlufferson

Ms. Sniffery Van Fluffertoots (Ravishing!)

and finally,

Heidi Montag.

Okay, so their dance moves weren’t quite in sync with one another. Let’s face it…This is what you get when you combine such a wide array of talent on screen.

In many ways, I believe this video to be the key to world peace. It is, at least, the essence of my own being.

Daily B: Coming To You Live

Daily B: Coming To You Live

As if the single and album news wasn’t enough to render me into a babbling

Kumi Likes It Bent

Kumi Likes It Bent

Kumi Koda has had a tough year

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