Girls Aloud: Out Of Control

Take that, Mutya…Yes, you heard right! According to BBC News, it’s the title of the new Girls Aloud album! The group’s fifth original studio album, Out Of Control, is scheduled to be released approximately two weeks after the October 27th release of “The Promise”!

According to Kimba, the album’s title stems from the group’s response to their label:

“They said: ‘We don’t know what to say, you lot are out of control. We can’t tell you anything.'”

“So that’s where that came from. ‘Out of control’ means you can’t tell us what to do.”

The album will also seemingly follow the sound of “The Promise,” however unintentional:

“The whole album’s a lot older sounding,” she confirms. “It wasn’t intentional – it was just kind of how it went, you know?”

Say no more. I get you, Kimberley…I get you. November 10th, here I come! I’m starting to like this whole winter release thing: One Britney, one Girls Aloud. It’s not far from my perception of heaven, you know.

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