I <3 The Dancefloor

I have a very good track for you.

It is called “I Love The Dancefloor,” by a group of happening youngsters going by the name of Kovak. Their sound is sort of like if Stefy was a bit heavier and rockier with Blondie-like influences, but a bit more modern electro-rock.

I am of the mind that this song isn’t entirely delicious until a proper viewing of the accompanying video:

Very nice, yes?

You can find more from Kovak at their MySpace or official website. And if you’re feeling particularly frisky, you can pre-order the single here!

PS: How glorious is the cover work? It’s by cover artist Bill Smith. It goes smashingly with the MuuMuse theme!

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Girls Aloud: Out Of Control

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Daily B: Womanized

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