Jamelia: Song Origins

I’m not sure what this is or where it’s from, but I’ve stumbled across a song called “Break It Up, Tear It Up,” which undoubtedly features Jamelia‘s vocals. It’s a rather slow build, something similar to that of Michelle Williams‘ latest efforts. A slightly tripping disco beat coupled with a salt shaker background…It’s quite nice, really.

Really, I’m just glad that I’m hearing something beyond 2006’s Walk With Me, her gigantically overlooked album chock full of catchy melodies and magnificent pop hits. I thought she was down for the count! So where you hiding, Jam-Jam? Come out for more, because I’m loving this!

EDIT: Turns out Jamelia’s not hiding anywhere! I was clued in that the official Jamelia MySpace is actually located HERE. (There are numerous Jamelia MySpaces!) Along with the Soulpower produced “Break It Off, Tear It Up,” Jamelia is also featuring an incredibly sexy unreleased track called “Love Me.” Hurry over and check them out…Incredible work!

P.S. How fierce is that photo?

Say What Now?

Say What Now?

That’s right everyone–MuuMuse is now forum-ulated

Cut Copy & The Presets–Live!

Cut Copy & The Presets–Live!

I’m off to see Cut Copy and The Presets live in Boston right now, so keep

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