Daily B: Doin’ Somethin’

Too much Britney news, not enough time. There’s only one way to handle this barrage of information: Bullets.

·BritneySpears.com will be re-opening its doors for the first time in over two years with a completely revamped image. According to my countdown, this should be happening in little over one half hour. Who knows what will be offered…Rehearsal videos, sneak peek sound clips? I’m freaking out, y’all.

·The video for Womanizer is premiering at the END of 20/20 tonight at 11 P.M. EST. Watch accordingly.

·After the world premiere, the video will be streamed on Britney.com. But it won’t be the same–Oh, no. The internet version (assuming iTunes and YouTube) will be the Director’s Cut. What’s that mean? According to Britannica:

It means this version will be more, longer, sexier. We can never have enough Britney! I sure as hell can’t…

·Want some one-on-one time with Princess B? Give her a ring at 310.341.4438 and listen to the message! That’s right…The B Line! Listen here for the recorded message.

·The new perfume set to release in January 2009 is called Hidden Fantasy. The promo shots can be found here. Rumor has it that David LaChapelle is behind the commercial spot for the perfume as well. ♥ UsMagazine has just published a release about the perfume:

The scent – described in a press release as being “all about expressing the many, mysterious sides of a woman” – will hit stores January 2009. In the television ad, Spears, 26, will appear through trees in a forest and ask, “What do you have to hide?”

·Britney’s new documentary chronicling her return to glory will debut on MTV on November 30th.

Can’t. Handle. It.

Dear Robyn…

Dear Robyn…

Thanks for the Robyn album from 2005

Womanizer: The Video

Womanizer: The Video


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