BANKS‘ “Brain” has been a permanent fixture in my life ever since it debuted back in January — especially during the midnight hour. (Like right now, as I’m writing this. So if you’re reading this tomorrow, you won’t really ‘get’ what I’m talking about. That is, unless you’re reading it tomorrow night, then you might. I digress.)

The gloomy number was just dealt an equally gorgeous visual today, no doubt aided by the fact that — let’s be real here — BANKS is a drop dead gorgeous babe. The kaleidoscopic clip stays true to BANKS’ highly stylized, largely mysterious aesthetic, supplying us instead with glimpses of the alt-R&B songstress emoting her tune while posing glamorously in flowing garb, surrounded by mirrors and, well, mostly darkness. (Beyoncé‘s “Ghost” also comes to mind, and perhaps a bit of Lana Del Virgin Mother in Tropico.)

Keep brooding love, darling.

“Brain” was released on January 29. (iTunes)