Sometime I Run, Sometime I Hide

Here be Sometime, a blossoming, bubbling under electro-pop quintet hailing from the wondrous land of Iceland. The five-piecer is beginning their journey toward the release of their debut album sometime in early 2009. Leading off the assault is their solid first attempt, “Catch Me If You Can,” which was released onto Icelandic radio stations earlier this month. Infusing classic ’90’s record scratches and well trimmed layers of electro noise, Sometime’s first release is a promising step toward recognition. The vocal work is the dream of indie electro-pop soundtracks, invoking memories of fellow Icelander, Björk, as well as a touch of The Knife‘s Karin Andersson, while the musical composition can be seated next to that of Client and Zeigeist. Give it a shot…I have a feeling we’re about to see the start of something beautiful.

DL: Sometime – Catch Me If You Can

Daily B: Recap

Daily B: Recap

Jeebus…It’s been almost, like, three days since the last Daily

Daily B: Sweet.

Daily B: Sweet.

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