Daily B: Recap

Jeebus…It’s been almost, like, three days since the last Daily B…I’ve felt so lost! As now standard in the world of Britney Spears, so much has happened. Let us make like a plastic bottle and cap, shall we?

“Womanizer” is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. A fucking historic achievement, might I add, for two reasons: First, it officially breaks the record for the most significant jump in one week in Billboard history (from #96 to #1). Not a bad record to break.

Far more importantly, this #1 comes exactly ten years after the track that started it all, “…Baby One More Time,” B’s only other track to break into the top spot. Ten years later, and she’s back on top…Now that’s monumental.

Meanwhile, the video for “Womanizer” is currently #1 on iTunes, while “Toxic” is at #20, “Piece of Me” is at #29, and “I’m A Slave 4 U” is at #69. Nice!

Oh yes, and BritneySpears.com has finally launched. It’s not quite amazing (nor finished, for that matter), but it shall nonetheless provide much sought-after behind-the-scenes pictures and video in the upcoming weeks of B’s press junket. Keep checking, and make sure you watch the adorable intro video. Woo!

Alesha: The Boy Does Nothing (Live)

Alesha: The Boy Does Nothing (Live)

Television performance of the year?

Sometime I Run, Sometime I Hide

Sometime I Run, Sometime I Hide

Here be Sometime, a blossoming, bubbling under electro-pop quintet hailing from

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