Daily B: Bring It Back

According to Tesco, this is the back cover of Circus.

Eccentric! Lavish! Slightly disturbing! It’s certainly more in line with the imagery I was hoping to come with this release.

Also, it somewhat reminds me of Coca-Cola’s Christmas imagery.

As for as how legitimate the image is, I searched the barcode UPC (allowing time for the mandatory “Are you serious?” to flow through) and found that the code belongs to Sony/BMG. Huzzah, investigative journalism!

Ladyhawke: My Delirium

Ladyhawke: My Delirium

I’ll say it: I don’t get the Ladyhawke love

Frankmusik: Vacant Heart

Frankmusik: Vacant Heart

The boy simply does too much…I can’t keep up with all of these song

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