Ladyhawke: My Delirium

I’ll say it: I don’t get the Ladyhawke love.

To me, the Ladyhawke surge is akin to that of last year’s Rogue Traders wave of fascination, and to a lesser degree, the Dragonette spree (I hesitate to make that connection because I still actively believe in Dragonette.)

What I’m hearing is some strictly by-the-books rock chord changes and uninspired vocals and rhymes. Very safe, very ’90s pop-rock…I feel as though I’ve heard it all before! Granted, It’s not bad material, per se–I’m just not impressed, and I don’t believe she merits the onslaught of high praise that’s been dealt. So what’s the hub-bub about everyone?

Cool video, though.

DL: Ladyhawke – My Delirium

“My Delirium” is due out December 8th.

Daily B: Enter The Circus, Part Deux

Daily B: Enter The Circus, Part Deux

I realize MuuMuse is rapidly becoming a Britney monastery, but bear with

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Daily B: Bring It Back

According to Tesco, this is the back cover of Circus

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