Daily B: Enter The Circus

If it floats your flotsums and jetsums, BreatheHeavy has just posted an eight minute mix of Circus.

And no, I’m not kidding.

I haven’t listened yet…For two reasons. One, I’m at work. Two, I’m not caving…Yet. Not this easily, anyway. Give me an hour and I’m sure you’ll find a review up on here after my internal organs start caving in on themselves, forcing me to click “Play.”


EDIT: And so, as of 3:44 PM, I have listened, holding out about two hours and eleven minutes longer than anticipated.

“Circus” will indefinitely be her new signature song, providing she properly promotes and performs the track to its full potential. I was loving it just fine, and then came the jaw-dropper of a chorus–An unbelievably in-your-face explosion of polished sound and confident spirit. “Circus” provides the vehicle necessary to propel Mizz Spears back into the forefront. That is…If she’s willing to ride it.

Then there’s “Out From Under.” As much I love the original track already, it is no surprise that B’s break-easy vocals do wonders to improve upon the song’s emotion. Not much to say here, aside from much anticipation for the big finish. I want to hear those power notes from “Where Are You Now” achieved once more!

“If U Seek Amy” takes B to another level of play. She’s a bratty little bragger here, more naughty than usual. I’ll need to hear it properly to gain a full assessment, but no matter how good or bad the final product is, nothing will take the quote “All the boys and the girls are begging to F. U. C. K. Me” away from me now.

“Unusual You” is essentially a prayer answered: It is mature pop. Polished, pretty, and pulsating, it can be classified as the follow-up to “And Then We Kiss,” something I’ve been dying for since 2006. It sounds to me like a gorgeous grower. Also, quite surprised this one came from Bloodshy & Avant…Impressive work, as per usual.

I don’t really need to embellish anything…This is Britney 6.0, proving that my theory is correct: We ain’t heard nothing yet. It’s so refreshing to hear her in full mind and spirit, ready to unleash something entirely new and unexpected upon the public. Her voice is stronger than ever (get it?!), and I’m so much more confident in this release as a whole.

Feeling Clubbish?

Feeling Clubbish?

How’s about a shiny new electro mash?

Daily B: Enter The Circus, Part Deux

Daily B: Enter The Circus, Part Deux

I realize MuuMuse is rapidly becoming a Britney monastery, but bear with

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