Daily B: And The Review of the Day Goes To…

An actual excerpt of a Circus review by Neil McCormick of The Telegraph:

To the clockwork synth stomp of ‘If U Seek Amy’ (which, sung fast, becomes ‘If you’re sick of me’, or is it ‘Eff, you, see, kay me?’) she presumably deliberately hints at the crash-and-burn image of Amy Winehouse, while singing “love me, hate me” and crafting a hookline out of manic laughter (“ha ha hee hee ha ha ho!”). It’s not something I would want to play as a character reference to a psychological review board.

Amy Winehouse?
If you’re sick of me?

Really, Neil McCormick? REALLY?!

Perhaps Jive needs to start including an insert for the press explaining the song’s underlying meaning.

If U Seek Amy.

Amanda Palmer: Leeds United

Amanda Palmer: Leeds United

While strolling down Newbury Street over the past few months, I’ve always

Rie Fu: Romantic

Rie Fu: Romantic

Long time, no listen!

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