Daily B: Live at the BAMBI Awards 2008

Dearest Muusers, I hope your day has been filled with pleasantry, mirth, and loads of turkey/tofurkey.

I bring you now one more reason to smile: Britney Spears, performing a Circus-tastic rendition of her smash hit, “Womanizer.” Bow down.

Asidde from the fact that it is indeed perfection:

There’s not a lot of choreography going on, but it sure as hell kills the VMA debacle. I do wish the cameras didn’t do their long shots during her dance breaks, though. Still, she looks fresh and vibrant, and the performance was more than enough to muzzle the critics quick to write off her career. Or as they say in Germany, HATERS TO THE LEFT.

Oh, and that’s definitely Madonna‘s outfit from the Sticky & Sweet Tour…plus leaves. Not sure what that’s all about, though I’m having visions of Britney manically running out from the concert with Madge with her concert wardrobe stuffed in her pants.

First Aid Kit: Blue Christmas

First Aid Kit: Blue Christmas

Earlier on in the year, there was a lot of talk of first aid kit shortages

RIP: The Cheetah Girls

RIP: The Cheetah Girls

In a day that will undoubtedly leave its mark upon the hearts and minds of all

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