RIP: The Cheetah Girls

In a day that will undoubtedly leave its mark upon the hearts and minds of all Pop Enthusiasts everywhere, The Cheetah Girls have decided to call it quits. Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams will be disbanding upon completing their One World Tour on December 22.

I mean, sure: They’ve made some recent mistakes. And yeah, they’ve only had one actual “hit” in their entire career (peaking at #122 on the charts). What of it? That bitch Raven Symoné dropped them like a bad habit in 2004, rendering the group irreversibly tattered. Figures…That’s so fucking Raven.

The simple fact is, the world is going to miss The Cheetah Girls. Let’s remember the good times, yes?

Fare thee well, Holy sisters of Cheetah. May your spots shine brightly within the glossy pages of Playboy.

Daily B: Live at the BAMBI Awards 2008

Daily B: Live at the BAMBI Awards 2008

Dearest Muusers, I hope your day has been filled with pleasantry, mirth, and

Daily B: Shooting For The Stars

Daily B: Shooting For The Stars

This came much sooner than I expected!

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