Daily B: Mmm, Papi

Another day, another track’s history revealed!

Upcoming track “Mmm Papi” was co-written by Britney and Nicole Morier of Electrocute! Amazing news, seeing as the collabo’ed on “Heaven on Earth” and we all know how that one turned out! Nicole is amazing…I recently did an interview with her for MuuMuse that you can view here! Anyway, here’s what the MySpace had to say:

That’s right everybody. Your very own Nicole Morier who wrote the song ”Heaven on Earth” which was covered by Britney Spears for her last album Blackout, has yet another song on the new album Circus, this time
co-written with the pop-princess herself!

Beginning last April, Nicole spent some time recording and writing with Britney in LA. The song they wrote on their first day together to a track by a group from Toronto that Nicole discovered called Let’s Go To War is called ”Mmm Papi” and was recently announced on the official tracklisting on Britney’s website.

The two had a lot of fun writing it and it’s very Electrocute-ish so hopefully you will enjoy as well. As with Heaven on Earth, Nicole’s vocals can also be heard as background.

Other songs they wrote together such as Rock Me In, This Kiss, and Follow My Fingers will probably appear soon as bonus tracks or B-sides so look out.

Excellent, excellent news. Additionally, “Rock Me In” has been confirmed as an international bonus track, so we’re going to be seeing that one soon! Woo!

Craig David: Insomnia

Craig David: Insomnia

And now I present, Reasons To Love Craig David‘s “Insomnia

Election 2008: Moving Forward

Election 2008: Moving Forward

We all know what really matters right now… Vote now if you haven’t

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