Daily B: Rolling Back The Rivers In Rolling Stone

Britney Spears will be featured on the new Rolling Stone. Here is the cover:

At first glance, I was outraged. The thought crossed my mind that somehow Rolling Stone was trying to sabotage B with an overly unflattering shoot after the debacle of the last cover article, “An American Tragedy.” How could they?

Then, I gave it about five minutes and opted for another peek.

Now, I love it! I suppose my expectations were in line with the shoots of Rolling Stones past, so it’s no wonder that the shoot caught me by surprise. There’s something classic about this one…Perhaps even “vintage,” if you will. No major retouching, no outrageous acts…Just a natural moment of joy. I read it as “This is the biggest pop star in the world right now, and she is rather human.” Refreshed, re-focused, and rejuvenated…Britney 6.0, everyone.

EDIT: And now, an accompanying video with more photos from the shoot. And yes, they’re stunning. Can’t wait until Friday!

Rie Fu: Romantic

Rie Fu: Romantic

Long time, no listen!

Daily B: Preview The Circus

Daily B: Preview The Circus

Video grab courtesy of Miguel at ENV Forums

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