Daily B: Preview The Circus

Video grab courtesy of Miguel at ENV Forums.
Looking hot, but it’s all too much of a tease for now! Can’t wait to see more.

EDIT: Ask and ye shall receive, apparently. Thanks Britney.com for a high quality version! I’m loving the opening sequence. Spotlights and top hats? No, this isn’t another Sugababes album title…This is iconic imagery, Spears style. And I love where they cut off the preview, because you know what’s about to happen: Dance sequence!

Now, while we wait for “Circus” (which will premiere Dec. 5, according to sources), the truly winning video is featured right here from MTV:

Now THIS is the Britney Spears that I recall from my memory, dancing with all the fun and energy I’ve always known her to have. Confident, sexy, and smiling….What a glorious return to form!

Daily B: Rolling Back The Rivers In Rolling Stone

Daily B: Rolling Back The Rivers In Rolling Stone

Britney Spears will be featured on the new Rolling Stone

Daily B: B Meets B

Daily B: B Meets B

In my mailbox: You are invited to Britney’s Good Morning America Circus

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