Ferry Corsten: Black Velvet

I’m in the process of listening to Ferry Corsten‘s fabulous new album, Twice In A Blue Moon, but I had to stop and post about the second track off the CD.

Already, Corsten’s struck gold with “Black Velvet,” in all its creamy, synth deliciousness. The vocals melt atop the backing track with a degree of timed temptation, dripping and drifting along glittery synths as the mystery songstress purrs, “How could I know I’d dream for this? How could I know I’d die for this?” Slightly innocuous, though entirely sinister, “Black Velvet” oozes with sensual seduction. I’d kill for Britney to do a track like this (that whispered “Black Velvet” at the beginning is pure Spears), though the vocals seem more suited for a Dannii or Annie production…Or Sophie, now that I think of it, that deadpanning diva.

For the record, the middle eight is briefly massive. Any repetition of any word over five times is an immediate cry for perfection…This track fares no differently.

So kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me tonight. Stellar.

DL: Ferry Corsten – Black Velvet

Daily B: Madonna, Justin, and….Britney?!

Daily B: Madonna, Justin, and….Britney?!

I can’t quite wrap my head around this at the moment, but according to

Daily B: EMA Victories!

Daily B: EMA Victories!

Congratulations to Britney for winning Best Album of the Year at the 2008 MTV

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