The legendary Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is back.

The 46-year old chanteuse of Real Housewives of New York fame (a personal favorite on the show, along with Kelly Bensimon) first burst onto the dance music scene with the impossibly amazing “Money Can’t Buy You Class” in 2010: A dragulicious, Auto-Tune-tastic speak-sung cautionary tale dedicated to every horrid hostess and humorless bore who dared to cross the Countess–the definition of classy sassy, if you will.

Yesterday, the Countless released the “Chic C’Est La Vie” EP to iTunes, which includes a Moroccan mix (ya habibi, bitches!) and a big fat club mix by L Fontana and G Newman.

“Beauty, class and elegance lie within the soul / Money, power and romance are waiting for us all,” the legendary LuAnn enunciates; the sweet trill of crisp Bravo dollars being stuffed into a Gucci clutch ringing out after each over-emphasized syllable on top of the bouncing beat (which doesn’t sound too far from Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls.”)

Note: I don’t mean to compare the Countess LuAnn to Katy Perry. “Money Can’t Buy You Class” alone literally shits on Perry’s entire discography. (Pardon my French, Countess! Still learning to control mon elegahnce.)

Earlier this morning, the video premiered on AOL’s PopEater–just in time for the song’s release to iTunes. Watch as LuAnn, Kelly and Jill Zarin (and none of the other Housewives because they are jealous haters) get positively nutty at The Borgata in Atlantic City, gallivanting ’round the casino, toasting to life at the pool and just generally getting funky in a hip (read: desolate) club!

Fierce, flawless dance moves. Unparalleled energy. Your favorites could literally NEVER!!!


“Chic C’Est La Vie” was released on June 28. (iTunes)