Daily B: Circus: The Video

How now would one define perfection?

Well, this is a good place to start.

The director of “I’m A Slave 4 U” has just one-upped himself, and the performer has just transcended into a whole new level of greatness.

Intricate dance moves, raw sexuality, and best of all, our own lion tamer of a temptress. How fabulous is that interlocking moment at 2:07? And don’t get me started on the fireworks scenes…Vogued like a true icon!

This will go down in the books as one of those career defining moments for the Britster. The single has already gone to #1 on the iTunes chart, and with a video like this, there’s no way it’s going to lose momentum now.

Bravo, my sweet!

EDIT: According to Britney.com, this is not the final version of the video, which is still set to premiere on ET on Friday. I have a feeling this isn’t the Director’s Cut. Then again, the website went on about the “low quality” of this video, which says to me that they’re only referring to the video quality. We shall see!

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