Mutya Keisha Siobhan Talk Comeback to Ponystep

With all the shaking and crying (on the metro) surrounding the return of the Almighty Aloud (Ten is out today!), let us not forget that they’re not the only legendary UK girl group making a comeback.

Mutya Keisha Siobhan (the original line-up of the Sugababes, if you haven’t been following along for the ride) have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their highly anticipated 2013 reunion LP, the first since their debut (and only) 2000 effort, One Touch.

Today, the girls make their official return–in print, that is–by appearing together in Ponystep.

First of all: How completely gorgeous do they look? Grown, beautiful women! Could be the album cover, and no one would be mad. Just stunning!

And now, a few snippets from the cover story inside…

On how the idea came about to get back together:
Keisha says: I remember sitting on my coach watching Mutya being interviewed on ‘Lorraine’ just after I’d left the Sugababes, and Lorraine said ‘You might as well call Siobhan and get the original band back together.’ I could see Mutya thinking ‘Perhaps. That was the start.”
Mutya says: “after that I facebooked Siobhan and we said we should meet up.”

On having a reputation for being moody in interviews:
Keisha says: “They tried to (media train us), but as soon as we got on to camera we forgot everything we’d been told. We’d go into interviews with faces like thunder.”
Siobhan says: “We weren’t even moody. We didn’t realise that you have to smile or see you look aloof when you’re on TV. A lot of it was nerves.”

On if there were old wounds to address before they got back together:
Keisha says: “Errr, yeah! Me and Siobhan had to sit down and have that conversation before anything else. There were a lot of things misconstrued over the years and we weren’t in a good place. But we reached an understanding and were able to move forward.”

On the new album:
Mutya says: “I think it’s a step up from the first album. I just hope people will enjoy it. Actually, I know people will enjoy it”!

The girls have been slowly teasing out their comeback for months now, so the first taste of MKS tunes seems imminent at this point. I’m already on overload–bring the action, girls!

One Touch was released in 2000. (iTunes)

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