Daily B: For The Record

“Do I know that my life is weird? That’s all I’ve ever known.”

Excellent, excellent documentary. Silly at times and deeply disturbing at others, it was an honest, unassuming overview of Britney Spears‘s outlook on life as of now. I loved seeing her recording the album (including the extended glimpse into the creation of “Trouble”!), the hypnotic and soothing dance segments, and her silly shopping adventure with her assistant, Brett. To me, those were the moments that stick out prominently in my mind. Far too few in number, those lighter moments (adjusting the thermostat, putting on a fashion show in front of the store mirrors) demonstrated a fun, intelligent side of Britney hardly channeled into the public spotlight.

Then there were the scarier, sicker moments, such as the nerve-wracking paparazzi attack. In a short moment of brief terror, Britney and her entourage are seen attempting to exit the car and walk into a building. Seconds later, the group comes dashing back, all jumping into the backseat. Behind them are the snapping photographers, now swarming around the car like a fleet of raging zombies. The paparazzi begin to hurl expletives and pace manically around the car, while one completely loses it in the middle of the street and starts screaming to no one in particular. At one point, I thought of how frightening it would be if this event were to happen even once in my lifetime. To imagine this to be a daily occurrence? I can’t quite wrap that one around my mind. All for the perfect shot, right?

There were many scenes that seemed to suggest that Britney has finally had enough. Seeing her cry while discussing the conservatorship was particularly saddening, and there were moments in which I doubted whether Britney was indeed capable of facing the spotlight once again. Yet by the documentary’s close, it became evident throughout the video shoot for “Circus” that the passion is still brewing inside. Besides, Britney is absolutely unwilling to have it any other way, demonstrated in the final question of the film regarding her defense against life’s dangers. “I go through life like the Karate Kid,” she deadpans to the interviewer, drawing the film to a close with a smirk.

I sincerely hope that if nothing else, For The Record… makes a case for basic human decency.

She’s a dancer, a singer, an entertainer, a pop star, a businesswoman, a product, a brand, and an icon.

But underneath it all, Britney Spears is still human…And she wants you to know that.

Daily B: The UK, Womanized

Daily B: The UK, Womanized

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