The timed piece-by-piece reveal of Katy Perry‘s Prism campaign remains on point.

After unveiling the Lisa Frank-tastic artwork for her lead single yesterday, Miss Perry has come confidently strolling into the recording studio to lay down the vocals for her rock-tinged new track in the latest “Roar” video teaser — wearing the tiger-emblazoned jacket featured on the single cover, of course.

And now, we’ve got a first taste of the song’s lyrics.

“‘Cause I am a champion, you’re going to hear me roar.”

The brief clip sounds like it’s been pulled from a massive final chorus, followed by those immediately catchy “Ooh-oh-oh!fun.-like chants revealed a few days ago. It’s too early to tell, but it sounds like we’re getting a massive self-empowerment anthem — like a less whipped cream-coated “Firework.”

So far, so good.

“Roar” will be released on August 12. (iTunes)