Happy Birthday, Röyksopp!

Out of nowhere, Röyksopp has risen once more with a revamped site (and logo!) along with their announcement of the band’s birthday. Don’t they look pleased with themselves?

Along with the birthday announcement is a brand new track called “Happy Birthday.” Like a typical Röyksopp production, the end result is an extra glossy, extraterrestrial trip. I love the production on this track, full of looped synth and glittering piano flourishes…Seems that the duo are quite on track for another stunning release.

“Happy Birthday” also comes at an opportune time here, seeing as MuuMuse is about to turn ONE YEAR OLD on December 18! And, with my own birthday coming up in under a month’s time, I guess this song’s release was simply written in the stars.

Make sure you check out this gorgeous little tune, and start getting fired up for the Norwegian duo’s upcoming release in 2009!

DL: R̦yksopp РHappy Birthday

Blast To Perfection: Show Me Love

Blast To Perfection: Show Me Love

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Gratuitous But Vital

Since no one managed to fulfill my request, I was forced to complete it on my

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