Yes, I am doing this right now.
Why? Because hearing it on the radio as I was driving home last night resulted in a tingling sensation that ran through me like a warm, liquid goo.
Too real? Too bad.

I bring you 1993’s “Show Me Love,” the debut single from Robin S.

Immediately recognizable by its very first opening notes, “Show Me Love” can be safely categorized as one of the definitive Hi-NRG/House tracks of the 1990’s. The single peaked at #5 on the U.S. Hot 100, #1 on the Dance Charts, and #6 in the UK. It has since gone on to be mixed and mashed by dozens of acclaimed DJ’s and mixers, though none can truly hold a glittery candle to the original.

In case you were intrigued by the song’s iconic quality, listen no further than the backing organ sounds that kick in after a few seconds. Hear that kind of murky pipe beat? Those deliciously dark disco tones were first created with the Korg M1 Synthesizer. Although the instrument had already found vast popularity in the ’80’s, “Show Me Love” was one of the first tracks to utilize the “Organ” preset of the synthesizer, soon leading to a decade defining series of dance tracks following suit. Even now, the influence of the Korg M1 sound continues within popular acts such as Hercules & Love Affair.

For me, “Show Me Love” may very well be one of the greatest club tracks ever. It’s both timeless and pure nostalgia, managing to hold up as brilliantly as it did when I first heard it years ago. I present it to you in its original form, as well as the latest rendition, the 2008 mix.

Enjoy, and sweet dreams.

DL: Robin S. – Show Me Love
DL: Robin S. – Show Me Love (2008 Mix)