I’m Not The Screechy Kind

Good God, ladies…Get it together! Above is Girls Aloud‘s performance of “The Loving Kind” on The Paul O’Grady Show last night. Yeesh! Harmonies out of sync, riffs that go nowhere…We need to formulate a different plan for this one before going out on turr! Right from the get-go, Sarah roughs it up with that bum opening note, setting the stage for this sub-par affair. Everything soon falls into a state of mediocrity, save Nicola’s continuously impressive command of the “I’d do annnything…” bit after the choruses. She’s becoming quite the vamp, isn’t she? Look at those doe eyes!

You do realize why all this has happened, don’t you? You’ve all allowed Nadine to simply stand there and look pretty! Well, stand there is relative…Swinging and swaying to the drummer in her own head is more accurate. I understand Sarah’s got that edgy, new haircut and all, but it certainly doesn’t mask those ear-splitting screeches. Give Nuhdeen back the lead where she deserves…For the good of the group!

I expect better, Aloud.

Wallpaper. And Passion Pit: Glitter And Handclaps

Wallpaper. And Passion Pit: Glitter And Handclaps

One post, two talents to watch for in 2009!

Hot Breaks And Heartbreak

Hot Breaks And Heartbreak

Hot damn!

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