Hot Breaks And Heartbreak

Hot damn! For anyone else who’s suffering chills from the ice cold stings of Kanye West‘s latest offerings from 808’s & Heartbreak, I’ve got just the right remix to heat up the floor a little bit.

California DJ Robin Da Hood‘s mix of “Welcome To Heartbreak” is a dizzying stormer of a track, incorporating rave-like flares of synth and deep electro stings sizzling enough to battle against Kanye’s freezing rhymes. High energy, high quality…J’adore!

DL: Kanye West – Welcome To Heartbreak (Robin Da Hood Remix)

Check out Robin Da Hood’s MySpace for his delicious mix of Kanye’s “Heartless,” another electro-fied sensation.

I’m Not The Screechy Kind

I’m Not The Screechy Kind

Good God, ladies…Get it together!

MuuMuse: Happy Birthday!

MuuMuse: Happy Birthday!

Guess what today is, Muusers?

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