It’s Showtime!

Alright Muusers, I’m off to (attempt to) catch some sleep before my early morning train to the city. Then, it’s off to the Circus with MuuMuse’s own co-assistant to the vice senior manager of public relations, Erica! Happy Circus release day everyone!

Much love!


Watch this space for Tweets! That is, if I’m capable of taking a breath.

EDIT: I’m alive. Well…barely. A review will follow in the morning, assuming I haven’t died from a 36-hour long surge of adrenaline. If I don’t make it, just know this: I saw my superstar. <3

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    Kylie And Coldplay: Lhuna

    Kylie And Coldplay: Lhuna

    Oh my GOD

    B Meets B: Good Morning America (Review)

    B Meets B: Good Morning America (Review)

    Bradley Loves Britney or How I Spent My Thanksgiving Break After approximately

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