Kylie And Coldplay: Lhuna

Oh my GOD.

This is sublime, Ms. Minogue! I’m only vaguely familiar with most of Coldplay‘s material, so I cannot speak for their artistic integrity on this project. The song was originally recorded during the most recent Coldplay album sessions. However, according to Chris Martin, the track was dubbed “too sexy” for Viva La Vida.

As for Kylie, this is the stuff of post-Impossible Princess daydreams. “Lhuna” is a lush, distant echo, floating along lazily in a sort of post-apocalyptic solar system of sound. “I’m all alone, quietly sleeping in my home,” Kylie croons as the marching industrial ticks pluck in the background. “Oh, won’t you let me come in? Lhuna, can’t you hear how much I’m suffering?” Martin responds with morbid sincerity, his voice eerier than I’ve ever heard.

Perhaps naturally, the song brings the phenomenally murderous “Where The Wild Roses Grow”collaboration with Nick Cave to mind. It seems Kylie is simply in her element when dealing with love of the killer variety.

The collaboration is part of (RED)WIRE, an online music magazine in collaboration with the (RED) organization fighting to stop AIDS worldwide. The magazine officially launches today (December 1st-World AIDS day), so please check it out here for more information!

DL: Kylie Minogue And Coldplay – Lhuna



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It’s Showtime!

It’s Showtime!

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