Daily B: Like A What?

News has been slow in the World of B, as our Princess of Pop has been spending nearly every day within the dance studio, preparing for The Circus: Starring Britney Spears in less than just two months.

In the interim, the fans have finally been given a glimpse into the tour rehearsals, directly from Brit’s people. I’m thinking it’s a performance of “Gimme More” in the shots, what with the pole and all. Lots of fierce, lots of boobage going on…I’m rather pleased.

Oh, and the Circus promo mixes have leaked. The official mixes come to us from Diplo and Junior Vasquez and, generally speaking, they suck.

I’m surprised, mostly by Diplo’s half-hearted attempt. I mean, the “Clown” mix is clever and all, but there’s no mmph.

Indie mixers…Save our single!

DL: Circus (Diplo Alt Clown Mix) (Mediafire)
DL: Circus (Diplo Remix) (Mediafire)
DL: Circus (Junior Vasquez Club Mix) (Mediafire)
DL: Circus (Junior Vasquez Electric Mix) (Mediafire)
DL: Circus (Junior Vasquez Ringleader Mix) (Mediafire)

Request “Circus” on your local radio stations NOW, and be sure to purchase the single here!

MuuCycle: Round One

MuuCycle: Round One

Well Muusers, it’s happened once more: My inbox is now bursting at the

Donna Summer: Fame (The Game)

Donna Summer: Fame (The Game)

On Saturday, I was sewing my own cheeseburger

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