Donna Summer: Fame (The Game)

On Saturday, I was sewing my own cheeseburger. Why? Because that’s the sort of thing you’d actually find me doing on a Saturday night. It was, as they say in Britain, great fun.

But aside from that, I also found myself perusing this week’s Billboard Magazine with the intention of reading the Lily Allen interview. Leafing through the back pages, I happened across the Billboard Dance Charts to come across a shocking find: “Fame (The Game),” an album track from Donna Summer‘s latest album Crayons, positioned at #4 on the charts!

When did that happen?!

Don’t get me wrong–“Fame” is one of the few tracks that I can truly label as “enjoyable” from Crayons. There’s something ever-so-slightly epic about the track. I can still envision Lady Summer strutting down a red carpet along with the hectic spoken-word verses on the track, getting primped and prodded along the way, until a final camera flash sequence in the chorus. Too far?

Err…Well, that appears to be the exact performance of the track on Summer’s latest tour. I knew I should have been a tour director.

Anyway, #4 is no accidental feat. As a result, I decided to dig deeper into the professional mixes…And voila! Puzzled no more…The mixes are F-A-B!

The radio edit of Dave Aude‘s rendition is a driving, testosterone-fueled pumper, while Ralphi Rosario‘s edit serves up a throbbing synth sensation.

Then, add a little more funk, a dab of glam, and a whole lot of piano chord in order to concoct the fantastic Dan Chase edit, a mix which almost entirely re-invents the sound of the original.

DL: Donna Summer – Fame (The Game) (Mediafire)
DL: Donna Summer – Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Radio Edit) (Mediafire)
DL: Donna Summer – Fame (The Game) (Dave Aude Radio Edit)(Mediafire)
DL: Donna Summer – Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit) (Mediafire)

Could this be her fifteenth #1 dance track? According to the ever-reliable Wiki, “Fame (The Game)” is now due as an international single on February 28th.

On a side note, being the professional blogger I am, I thought it appropriate to subscribe to Billboard. That way, I could always be up on the charts and their ever-surprising entries. I found it odd that there were no subscription inserts in the magazine, and it wasn’t until I logged on to that I found out why: It’s $300 for a full year’s subscription! What kind of fuckery is that? We’re in a depression, music industry…Get with it.

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