Forever Waiting…

Last night, a friend and I were going back and forth regarding some of the best, most under-appreciated tracks from one of pop’s leading producers, Greg Kurstin. Among the lengthy list was one that inspired a great deal of “OMG!”ing upon its recollection: “Waiting Game,” the hidden gem from Rachel Stevens‘ single, “I Said Never Again (But Here We Are).”

First, let’s not get ahead of ourselves–“I Said Never Again” is a Pop Classic & Pop Injustice in itself–One of the finest moments of 2005’s failed-but-essential Come & Get It. However, the single did not produce enough momentum and lost its steam at #12 in the UK; the final, glittery nail in the neon-lined coffin known as Rachel Stevens’ solo career.

Hidden within that brilliant single was a track called “Waiting Game,” an electro-blitz of crunchy guitar strums, driving drums, and shards of glittering synth. A squeaky clean effort, with solid pop execution. After nearly three years, “Waiting Game” still shows no sign of aging. As to why the track was delegated to the status of a mere B-side, I couldn’t give you a proper explanation. But then again, the entire Come & Get It campaign was a bit of a shit-show from the very beginning, now wasn’t it?

Anyway, let us revel in the glory. Here’s to some miraculous, glorious R. Stevens Revival in the new year!

DL: Rachel Stevens – Waiting Game (zShare)

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