I’m Not The Charting Kind

Taking into account the current sales, the chances of Girls Aloud hitting the Top Ten with “The Loving Kind” are now dangerously slim, with the single resting at a shaky #10 in the midweeks.

A failure to hit the Top Ten would end the Aloud’s record-breaking single run at the top of the charts, surpassing the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child.

When words fail in these tenuous times, only human emotion can suffice.

My thoughts exactly, Sarah Harding.

A million thanks to Dial-999 at the PJ! Forums.

Forever Waiting…

Forever Waiting…

Last night, a friend and I were going back and forth regarding some of the best,

MuuMuse Most Anticipated: 2009 Edition

MuuMuse Most Anticipated: 2009 Edition

Come every January, the promise and excitement of new music releases for the new

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