I Kissed A Mix

It’s no secret that I’m no big fan of try-too-hard Katy Perry. Frankly, I can’t stand the bitch! Admittedly however, there are a few single mixes that manage to slip by and gain my approval. This here happens to be one of them.

The Starsmith mix of Perry’s summer success, “I Kissed A Girl,” packs a heavy punch of frantic glam into the otherwise pop-rocky affair. Just listen to the opening moments, as Perry is reduced to a silly, stuttering 8-Bit rendered fool. Now that’s something I can sink my teeth into. Enjoy!

DL: Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (Starsmith Remix) (Mediafire)

Be sure to check out Starsmith’s MySpace to hear other mixes, with artists such as Digitalism and Frankmusik!

Kelly Clarkson Can Lick The Lollipop

Kelly Clarkson Can Lick The Lollipop

How, now!

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Royksopp: Big Teases

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