Lily Allen: I Could Be Your Gay

For all still relishing in the sweet deal that is “The Fear,” you’ll be happy to learn that the fun doesn’t stop off at the first track of the single anymore. Two new B-sides have now surfaced from Lily Allen‘s latest, “Kabul Shit” and “Fag Hag.”

From its inception, “Kabul Shit” is a clear-cut, brooding bout of political strife. As the first, pressure-rising verse builds, the social criticisms simply burst from the seams. “Excuse me, sir,” the singer offers as the track breaks into its dizzying, downward-spinning electronica chorus, “But is this what we call denial?” Much in line with “Fuck You” and “The Fear,” Lily’s up to her headband in political smog, and now she’s starting to speak up.

On the flip side is the vaguely reggae-tinged “Fag Hag,” a concept piece about the Holiest of Unions: A gay and his girl. “I could be your fag hag, and could be my gay. I’ll never make you sad when you come out to play,” the singer lightly croons in her usual sing-song manner through the chugging chorus, posing with a deadly sincerity only Ms. Allen could properly emote. Unlike try-too-hard contemporary Katy Perry‘s failed attempts at clever, Allen’s sly sense of humor dominates: “We’re both in our element when we’re on our knees, whatever the weather.”

Je t’adore, Lily.

DL: Lily Allen – Kabul Shit (Sharebee)
DL: Lily Allen – Fag Hag (Sharebee)

Lily’s new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, will be released on February 9 in the UK and February 10 in the US. Pre-order here!

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